pMD charge capture allows doctors to record information on their services right into their mobile devices - anytime, anywhere. You'll spend more time being a doctor and less time acting like an accountant with a really expensive medical degree.


pMD’s mobile charge capture app allows doctors to record billing information and lightweight clinical data right into their iPhone, iPad, or Android at point of patient care.


The advanced code search functionality is unbelievably fast and easy, giving providers a convenient way to select customized diagnosis codes during the charge capture process.


pMD’s real-time interfaces electronically gather and route face sheets, rounding lists, room numbers, and more. pMD works with most major electronic medical records, hospital and medical billing systems.

pMD provides intuitive, elegant mobile charge capture software that improves patient care and makes doctors happy. Doctors using pMD are increasing their efficiency, ROI, and quality of patient care in a time where reimbursement cuts, compliance regulations, and other costs are impacting medical practices. pMD streamlines the entire practice from point-of-care through reimbursement.

As a qualified MIPS registry, pMD gives medical practices a simplified solution to meet CMS’ clinical quality requirements with easy-to-use online reporting services. Learn more about pMD's MIPS Registry reporting tools.

pMD’s customers include hospitals, billing companies, physician practice groups, managed care organizations, individual physicians, and myriad specialists located across the country. The pMD team is committed to developing the best charge capture solution on the market and providing superior customer service.

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"pMD is very intuitive, simple, and fast to use. It's so easy to create visits, find codes I am looking for and leave sign off notes for my colleagues. The billers are also happy because they can view charges immediately when I enter them in pMD. I used to carry around a charge capture device that had too many steps to create a visit and I would also have to go back to the office to sync it. pMD is at least 20 times better than the other charge capture solution we were using."

"We love pMD, and we are very pleased. It has been by far the easiest implementation of my career. The software is intuitive, simple and easy. The customer support has been phenomenal. I have had software where the software is great but the support is not. pMD has both great support and software. Also, the transition from sales to implementation to support is seamless. And our physicians love it! We enthusiastically recommend pMD as the vendor of choice for electronic charge capture."

"From our office staff and billing department, to our providers, pMD has improved every aspect of our billing process. It's easy, efficient, paperless...AMAZING! The support team is outstanding, the program is innovative and always improving. Makes it easy to forget what our process was like before pMD saved the day!!"

"Our pMD expert was an excellent teacher and representative of pMD. I look forward to working with pMD to enhance our practice and the functionality of the software."
Dr. Ronald Jacobson, Boston Children's Health Physicians, New York

What is Charge Capture?

In its simplest form, charge capture is the process whereby physicians record information on their patient care services, and this information is then sent out to different payers and insurance companies for reimbursement. Mobile charge capture replaces paper or other inefficient systems with intuitive software that can be used anytime, anywhere. It extends the practice to the hospital and the hospital back to the practice, so providers can stay on top of everything in real-time and communicate efficiently from their smartphones and tablets.

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In order to use pMD you'll need to be set up by your health care provider. Please contact your doctor's office and let them know you'd like to get started! If you have already received an invitation to pMD® Secure MessagingTM and need assistance getting started, please check out our Patient FAQ page.